What we do

Our key task is to promote the importance of transport heritage preservation, to ensure that future generations will see and enjoy what previous generations have achieved.

So we often work with others to make the collective voice of the heritage movement heard more clearly and coherently. An excellent example is our partnership with other leading heritage organisations, Heritage Link.

We also draw the publicís attention to the remarkable efforts of individuals within the preservation community, especially the young who benefits from our skills training and who will become the guardians of our transport heritage in the future.

The Trust presents a range of awards each year at a major ceremony to give recognition to the most outstanding contributions to the preservation of our transport heritage.

Heritage skills workshops
We help to introduce young people to íhands-oní restoration work.

Strategic Assessments
We provide expert advice on transport heritage matters to organisations such as the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Library and archives
We maintain a unique and growing library of transport related books, photographs and ephemera.

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