Awards, Grants and Loans

The Trust offers financial assistance to individuals or groups to carry through restoration or improvement projects to completion. The Trust also invites enquiries about sponsoring one or more Awards.

The Trust awards its premier trophy to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the cause of transport heritage preservation in a specific year, or which has culminated in a specific year. The winner holds for a year a silver model of SS Great Britain, since the award was inspired by the achievement of Sir Jack Hayward in returning the vessel from the Falklands to Bristol.

Preservationist of the Year 2016

David and Rick Bremmer, and Theo Willford Two brothers and a friend found the remains of a Bristol Scout flown in 1916 by the Bremners’ grandfather in support of the Gallipoli campaign. They rebuilt the aircraft to flying condition This is their story: My brother and I had inherited the flying bug and had...

This award recognises the achievements of young people (under the age of 20) in the field of restoration. The winner receives a cheque for £500.

Young Preservationist of the Year 2016

Young Preservationist of the Year Award Sam and Joe Meakin won the YoungPreservationist of the Year Award in 2016 for the restoration of their 1918 Model T Ford Paco which they were able to show to HRH Prince Michael ofKent at Brooklands Museum We have two joint winners of our Young Preservationist of The Year award and their...

Restoration Awards

Apply for a Restoration Award
These Awards specifically assist preservation projects that are underway but not completed. Applicants need to show that some progress has already been made, that there is a clear and costed future plan and a realistic likelihood of completion within 12 months of the application being made. Applications will assessed on the basis of rarity, technical historic or social significance, quality of workmanship, proportion of work being carried out by applicant, originality of design and materials. in addition The Trust needs to be satisfied that, after restoration, the item will be seen and enjoyed at reasonable intervals by the general public and that, as far as is reasonably foreseeable, the item is not destined for the market place and will be retained by the restoring owner/s. Infrastructure projects will not be considered for this award scheme.

Restoration Awards 2016

1885 Decauville narrow gauge steam engine Jeremy Martin of Hawkenbury in Kent for the repatriation and restoration of his 1885Decauville narrow gauge steam engine. This locomotive was recovered from Peru, where it had been in use on a sugar plantation, and restored. It will be seen and used on the owner’s railway and at other...

The Trust acknowledges that exceptional achievements are built upon and sustained for the long term by the ongoing efforts of a vast army of supporters and volunteers. This award recognises such long term dedication.

Lifetime Achievement Awards 2017

Terry Martin Terry Martin joined the Mersey Tramway Preservation Society in 1967. Within two years he had joined the committee, held the post of secretary and then since 1978, Chairman. During that time he has attended more than 400 committee meetings.His contribution has been much wider than administration however; he has taken part in about...


The Transport Trust makes loans to groups, associations and individuals at advantageous rates for the restoration of artefacts - whether mobile or part of the infrastructure.  Applications must be supported by a simple business plan which demonstrates the financial viability of the project. A sample business plan is available on request from the Treasurer.


The Trust does occasionaly make Grants  for schemes which further the preservation movement. Again if you wish further information please contact the Treasurer.


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