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Droplight windows - rollers for leather straps

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  • Droplight windows - rollers for leather straps

    A friend is restoring a 1930s motor yacht which has two droplight windows in the wheelhouse. He thinks the leather straps of these windows originally ran over rollers before being popped into the Sam Browne stud below, because such rollers are fitted to another boat of similar provenance. Similar rollers were also used in railway carriages and it's probable that they were an off-the-shelf item from chandlers and carriage builder sundriesmen at one time. Does anyone know of a source for these rollers? Picture attached - we don't think the rollers need to be identical to the pattern shown in the picture, anything similar will do. The straps can be cut to fit the width of the rollers. Straps are easier than rollers it would seem!
    Droplight window strap roller - MY Gralian

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    Dear Michael
    Welcome to the Forum which is a new Transport Trust initiative to spread sills knowledge across all transport sectors. Your query illustrates this perfectly. On most railway carriages there was no roller but some had rollers as illustrated. The wood bit is easy, dowel cut to length, centre both ends with a lathe and drill and insert metal spigots. The metal casting, if you have a sample, may be reproduced in brass. I MAY have some if you wish to borrow them or indeed acquire if they turn out to be surplus. DO you have dimensions?
    Kind regards
    Stephen Middleton


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      When making the "metal spigots" I would suggest using 316 Grade Stainless Steel (also known as A4 Marine grade) which is easy and cheap to obtain, it will not give too much trouble in contact with brass or bronze and will be resistant to corrosion. I would suggest carefully applied lubrication of the spigot / bush with clear silicone grease.
      Regards Mike
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        Thanks Stephen & Mike.
        Stephen - I have asked for dimensions.
        Mike - Agreed, except that silicone is regarded as persona non grata by many boatbuilders and owners, including me!


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          Stephen - the leather strap is 50mm wide. I don't have a measurement for the garnish rail but on photos it looks to be about 30mm wide.


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            My example is 20mm wide x 132mm long with roller intact. I found a wooden roller with turned wood spigots at the ends, same piece of wood. If you want to borrow my example contact me with address on my private e mail.