Published four times a year since 1983, Transport Digest is the official journal of the Transport Trust. It gives members a wide-ranging view of our transport heritage, embracing historical reminiscences, restoration projects and current operations in all transport modes. 

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Digest 130 coverNo 130 Spring 2018

Some memories of Transport in the Dulwich area of South London 1903-1916+

TT visit to the Beeches Light Railway

Visit to the Metropolitan Line Signal Cabins

2018 Accounts

British Motor Museum Visited

From the Workshop

Centro Storico Fiat

download 2.0MB pdf file



Digest 129 coverNo 129 Winter 2017

More 2017 Red Wheels

AGM Weekend 2018

Brooklands - Opening the new Aircraft Factory

Monarch goes to the Show

From The Workshop

Incident on a German Heritage Railway

From the Workshop

Dennis of Guildford – a new Beginning

Commercial Traffic on the River Severn

Visit to the Shuttleworth Collection

download 2.5MB pdf file


Digest 128 coverNo 128 Autumn 2017

2017 Red Wheels

The 20th Hertford Bus Rally

Rebuilding Grandad’s Aircraft 

Irish Oddities

Some Norwegian Survivals

Some memories of transport in the Dulwich

Area of South London 1902-1916

Duxford Visit

From The Workshop

Dennis of Guildford – the Hestair Years

download 2.4MB pdf file



Digest 127 cover

No 127 Summer 2017

2017 Transport Trust Awards

Mineral Railways of Purbeck

2017 AGM Llangollen

Boscombe Down Aviation Collection

Are you up for a challenge?

Aveling & Porter and the first practical steam road roller

download 2.5MB pdf file



Digest 126 cover

No 126 Spring 2017

Annual General Meeting 2017

Rebuilding Grandad's Jaguar S Type (part 2)

Dennis of Guildford - post World War 2

A trip to Madiera

Brooklands finishing straight

Station statuary

Bath Green Park remembered

download 1.9MB pdf file


Digest 125 cover

No 125 Winter 2016/2017

Red Wheels for Bath and Barton

Rebuilding Grandad's Jaguar S Type

Dennis of Guildford - the post Great War years

Papa Westray Motor Roller

The Cavell Van

Working on Classic Cars

Motor Racing Curiosities

download 2.5MB pdf file


Digest 124 cover

No 124 Autumn 2016

Ala Recherche du vapeur

Dennis of Guildford – the early years

Steamship “Freshspring” heads off

Rebuilding Grandad’s aircraft

One day on Exmoor

download 2.5MB pdf file




Digest 123 cover

No 123 Summer 2016

Transport Trust Awards 2016

Fawley Hill& Billsdays II

Members weekend 2016

Transport Trust Awards designs

Editors Travels

An innovative raise – or not?

Sad story of a Motor Enthusiast

download 2.8MB pdf file


Digest 122 cover

No 122 Spring 2016

Transport Trust visits 2016

Members weekend/AGM 2016

Transport Trust Accounts 2014/15

Morecambe’s White Marvel

Atalantic Passage, 1943

Still trading after all these years

Terry Blackman’s scrapbook

download 1.8MB pdf file



Digest 121 cover

No 121 Winter 2015/6

Members visit to RAF Museum Cosford

Atlantic passage, 1943

Morris Minors at the GCR

Statfold Barn Enthusiasts’ day

‘Monty’ at Evesham Vale light Railway

Wirral Tramway Miscellany

download 2.3MB pdf file



Digest 120 cover

No 120 Autumn 2015

Cross Channel Ports

Visit to the Heritage Motor Centre

TT Tour to Western Switzerland

Rolls Royce and RFC in Essex

The Jerry Can

Aquatic Mix

Visit to the Toddington NG Railway

Celebrating 125 years continuous service

Visit to the national Motorcycle Museum

download 4.4MB pdf file 


Digest 119 cover

No 119 Summer 2015

Red Wheel for Blisworth

Taunton Bus station commemorated

TT wards Presentations 2015

Buses in the Blood

2015 AGM Visit to the Isle of Man

The first of their kind in the UK?

A new beginning

download 3.6MB pdf file


Digest 118 cover

No 118 Spring 2015

2015 Transport Trust Visits

In Memoriam


Boiler Masterclass

Accounts for 2013/4

A walk on the bright side

The NER Autocar

Traveller’s tales: Mexico

Burrow Hill’s HLF Plans

download 3.9MB pdf file


Digest 117 cover

No 117 Winter 2014/5

TT 2015 Annual General meeting

You’re never too old to learn

Red Wheels for Guildford

2015 Tt restoration awards

The Surrey Hills special

Restoring Islander G-AVCN

The Carriage Convention

Sand and Motorcycles

Visit to Crosswaite & Gardiners

It’s like busses

download 3.2MB pdf file


Digest 116 cover

No 116 Autumn 2014

Was the Transport Trust ahead of its time?

Trains a Vapeur

Hastings miniature Railway’s 65th Birthday

Transport trust members visits

Train Story

Steaming about on the river

Rebuilding the Toll Bridge

A weekend in the hamptons

The 4D Theatre at Brooklands

Chatsworth Country Fair

download 3.8MB pdf file


Digest 115 cover

No 115 Summer 2014

2014 Transport Trust Awards

Celebrating at Fawley

The 2014 AGM Weekend

Latest red Wheels

Transport Trust members’ visits

The Shorts Building

download 3.7MB pdf file 



Digest 114 cover

No 114 Spring 2014

2014 Visits programme

Some thoughts on exiting the TT Council

Royal Daimlers in Coventry and Canberra

Transport in the Artic

Skip an engine

Railway timetable as an archive of social history

A truly stratospheric restoration

Traveller’s tales from Cuba: Sea Fury

British Airliner collection, part 2

125 years of Budapest trams

Sunbeam 350hp roars back to life

The Shorts Building

download 3.4MB pdf file


Digest 113 cover

No 113 Winter 2013/4

2013 TT Restoration awards

VC10 – The first and the last

A TT weekend in Berlin

Porsche 911 reaches its half century

British Airliner collection, part 1

The Railway Heritage Partnership

Paradise Shared

download 3MB pdf file


Digest 112 cover

No 112 Autumn 2013

A day out in Essex

2914 AGM weekend

A tale of old wine and new bottles

The Railway heritage register partnership

Shipshape and Bristol fashion

Agricultural Tractors in preservation

Old harbour Station and Maritime House

A tale of three bridges

download 3.7MB pdf file


Digest 111 cover

No 111 Summer 2013

2013 AGM weekend report

Fedecrail 2013 conference

Southampton maritime Festival

Early Rotary flying in the British Army

Transforming number 17

download 3.5MB pdf file 



Digest 110 cover

No 110 Spring 2013

London Undergound 150

A world trip – part 2

Celebrating Motoring heritage

Shipbuilding pioneers of the river Thames

Memories of an aero Morgan

TT Visits

download 3.8MB pdf file 



Digest 109 cover

No 109 Winter 2012/3

Bernard J Holden MBE

2012 restoration Waards

September visits for all

The best laid plans of TT organisers

Guildford’s other train

Pinter Muvek Hadtorteneti Muzeum

Little miss piggy

download 3.7MB pdf file 


Digest 108 cover 

No 108 Autumn 2012

Ringa Ringo’ roses

2010 Young preservationist of the Year

Rutland Ramble

A red Wheel by the canal

Romania remembered

Sinnsheim museums

download 4.1MB pdf file


Digest 107 cover 

No 107 Summer 2012

2012 Awards presentations

Visit to Fencote & Rowden Mill

Cornish Conviviality

“1250” has meant the most to me

The TT comes to town

Reviving Hampton-Kempton Waterworks railway

Two train rides not to be forgotten

download 3.7MB pdf file


Digest 106 cover

No 106 Spring 2012

Last of her kind – “Freshspring”

The Thaxted branch

Ultimate ambition

Preservation of Ephemera

Transport delights of Cuba

Royal jubilees

William Barlow

Travellers tales from the North

download 3.4MB pdf file


Digest 105 cover 

No 105 Winter 2011/2

2011 Transport Restoration Awards

The three Brilliant Short brothers

2011 Visits report

Railway Preservation in Romania

Ransomes & Rapier recovery

Episodes in the life of a vehicle curator

Unexpected encounters

Not just a water tower

The “Daniel Adamson”

download 2.3MB pdf file


Digest 104 Cover

No 104 Autumn 2011

Mg Midget at 50

Budapest Millennium Underground railway museum

Extraordinary Complexity

Petrol head pioneers

Left or Right hand drive

Speed and Steam

With a Welsh Flavour

Canfranc station

download 2MB pdf file


Digest 103 cover

No 103 Summer 2011

David Weston

2011 AGM Liverpool

Calshot Connections

Electrifying in Coventry

Petrol head pioneers

John Street Roundhouse, Toronto

Mail Rail & More

download 2.1MB pdf file 



Digest 102 cover

No. 102  Spring 2011

The Bristol Car Company
Time to Reflect
Dapdune Wharf
Golden Harz Enthusiasts Festival 2010
Spa Road Station, Bermondsey
IoW Steam Railway is 40
The Story of BGF 555

download 2.3MB pdf file



Digest 101 cover

No. 101 Winter 2010

British Steam Trams
Traveller's Tales - Belle Epoque Cruises
Stumbling on a Steam Shoot
Birmingham Museums' Reserve Collection
R100 & R101 Airship Exhibition
Lowestoft Tram Back to Life

download 5.8MB pdf file



Digest 100 cover

No. 100 Autumn 2010

Erwood Station - 25 Years of Crafts
Visit to Rendcombe Airfield
Wallingford "Bunkfest"
Traveller's Tales - Spitzbergen
The Great McLaren Gathering
Lancaster Station
Nord Compound 4-6-0

download 2.2MB pdf file



Digest 99 cover

No. 99 Summer 2010

Transport Trust Awards Presentations
Insight - Jet Engines vs the Propellor
The Spirit of Gondola
The Shillingstone Connection
Traveller's Tales - Ecuador & the Galapagos
Visiting the Hovercraft Museum

download 2.3MB pdf file



Digest 98 cover

No. 98 Spring 2010

A National Archive of Transport, Travel & Trade
Insight - AC and DC on the Railway
An Aircraft Wonderland - Tucson Arizona
Trains, Boats & Trams in Belgium
Kop Hill Climb 2009
Bristol Aircraft Company 1952-1959
Traveller's Tales - Riding to the West

download 1.7MB pdf file



Digest 97 cover

No. 97 Winter 2009

Tornado over the Cotswolds
From a Farm Wagon to the Royal Mews
What Next for Darjeeling's World Heritage Railway?
The Bermuda Sloop
Reflections on Two Great Engineers
Engaging Young People with our Transport Interests

download 1.8MB pdf file



Digest 96 cover

No. 96 Autumn 2009

Launch of Brighton Belle Appeal
Full Sized Mechanical Elephants
Restoration of Droitwich Canals
The Scania Transport Trust Awards
de Havilland Moth Club Tour de France
Sailing on the 'Clyde Banana Boat'

download 2MB pdf file



Digest 95 cover

No. 95 Summer 2009

Northstead Manor Gardens Railway
Imperial Airways to Karachi
The course of the Chauncy Maples
Lots of 'Stars' for 9 day Gala
HMS Gay Archer (P1041)
Corris Railway 150th Anniversary

download 1.9MB pdf file



Digest 94 cover

No. 94 Spring 2009

The Day I Stopped The Thames
Postcards from the Peloponnese
Palestine 1947/48 and the Hejaz Railway
Trinity House
MSA Classic Run 2008
Memories of Maud
General Strike
Perrygrove Railway
When the World was Black & White

download 2.5MB pdf file


No.93 Winter 2008-2009 download pdf file

No.92 Autumn 2008 download pdf file

No.91 Summer 2008 download pdf file

No.90 Spring 2008 download pdf file

No.89 Winter 2007-2008 download pdf file


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No.56 Autumn-Winter 1997 download pdf file
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No.47 Autumn-Winter 1994 download pdf file
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No.31 Winter 1990 download pdf file
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No.1 Spring 1983 download pdf file

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