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Metropolitan Railway, Baker Street Station, London

The world's first underground railway opened from Paddington to Farringdon via Baker Street Station on 10th January 1863

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Marylebone Road, London

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About Metropolitan Railway, Baker Street Station, London

Baker Street station was opened by the Metropolitan Railway on 10 January 1863. The whole project between Paddington and Farringdon Street was designed by Sir John Fowler. On 13 April 1868 the adjacent open platforms at Baker Street, now serving the Metropolitan line into Middlesex, opened as part of a spur to Swiss Cottage station.

This was steadily extended to Willesden Green and northwards finally reaching Aylesbury and Verney Junction (some 50 miles from Baker Street) in 1892. Over the next few decades this section of the station saw much rebuilding to provide four platforms. The Metropolitan line layout largely dates from 1925 and most of the surface buildings, designed by the architect Charles Clark, also date from this period.

The original Metropolitan station is served by the Circle and Hammersmith & City lines. As one of the original stations on the world's first underground railway, these platforms are historic. Plaques have been placed along the platforms to show old plans and photographs of the station. The artificial lighting of the original ventilation shafts gives an impression of how the station appeared at its opening, but without the accompanying smoke.

The station is Listed Grade II.

By rail: It is on Marylebone Road at the intersection with Baker Street.

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