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The Transport Trust is the only national charity established to promote and encourage the preservation and restoration of Britain's unique transport heritage in all its forms - road, rail, wings and water.

Our Mission

Britain’s place in the history and development of transport is demonstrably second to none. It is an achievement of which the Trust, and the nation, are justifiably proud. This country's growth and prosperity has been inextricably linked with the movement of people and cargo. We take it as our mission to ensure the story of our heritage does not slip into oblivion.

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Restore & Preserve

The Transport Trust aims, for the benefit of the nation as a whole, to promote and encourage the permanent preservation of transport items of historical or technical interest.


Document & Record

The Trust promotes the preservation of documents, drawings, pictures, books and artifacts of significance. Where items or collections are at risk for want of a home, the Trust is happy to advise.

Privacy notice for Transport Trust awards, loans and Red Wheel nominations

The Transport Trust will use the information you provide us with when you make a nomination for an award or you apply for a loan or for any other kind of material support from the Trust or you nominate a possible Red Wheel site to manage the process and keep you informed of progress. We will use your personal data to invite you to any appropriate events such as the awards ceremony or a Red Wheel unveiling. The Trust will retain sufficient information to allow us to identify previously supported projects and to maintain an archive of the Trust’s work.

For a Red Wheel nomination it may be necessary to share your personal data with the owner of the proposed site or the relevant approval body such as a local authority.

If you do not wish to consent to our storage and use of your personal data, please contact the office to discuss the issue: it may be difficult to proceed with your application.

If you provide your consent, The Transport Trust will also store and use your personal data to promote your project to appropriate media including, but not limited to, appropriate heritage magazines, media outlets local to you such as newspapers, local radio and TV and were appropriate national media outlets. We may also share your details with appropriate partner heritage organisations where you agree this is beneficial to your project.

We will only share sufficient of your personal data to achieve the objective. For example, in the core text of a press release we would only include your name and a generic description of your location (e.g. town, city, region as appropriate) but, with your express agreement, the notes to a press release could include your contact details so that the media outlet can make further enquiries of you direct.

Full details of our Privacy Notice can be found on our website or can be supplied by post on request.

You can contact the Transport Trust at:

The Transport Trust

First Floor, 26 Station Approach,

Hinchley Wood, Esher, Surrey,

KT10 0SR

Tel: 020 7928 6464

Email: //This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">Transport Trust




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These annual awards assist specific restoration projects of historic importance to completion and public display.

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Grants and Loans

Projects in need of "tide over" funding with a real prospect of success may be eligible for a loan or grant.

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