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Latest Red Wheel Sites

Location Date Unveiled Inscription Red Wheel Image
North Euston Hotel, Fleetwood. 6/5/2019

In the 1840s, before completion of a through railway, a popular route from London to Glasgow was to Fleetwood by train and thence to Ardrossan by ship.

Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway 23/2/2019

Built 1874/75. The first public narrow-gauge railway in England. Since opening, this railway has carried minerals and passengers on three different gauges of track. 

West Hartlepool Station 6/2/2019

Opened 1880 and, on 16th December 1914, one of three North Eastern Railway stations to suffer from WW1 enemy naval bombardment

N.E.R. Petrol Electric 'Autocar' - Hartlepool 6/2/2019

The North Eastern Railway ran the world's first Petrol Electric 'Autocar' - the pioneer of modern passenger trains- at Hartlepool in 1904 

Norton Fitzwarren Rail Disasters 17/11/2018

Recalling the Norton Fitzwarren rail disasters of November 1890 and November 1940 and the outstanding efforts of the local community

Building G1 Farnborough Aerodrome 16/10/2018

Build 1905/6 as the Army Balloon School and Store and incorporated into the Royal Flying Corps in 1912 and Royal Aircraft Establishment in 1918



Tyseley Locomotive Depot 29/9/2018

Great Western Railway's Birmingham depot, erected 1908 and maintaining and operating main-line steam locomotives ever since.

Roade Railway Cutting, Northampton 8/9/2018

Roade Cutting - London & Birmingham Railway.

Dug 1834-1838: 56ft deep & 1.5 miles long. A major civil engineering challenge for the world's first long-distance inter-city railway.

Tuckton 2nd Toll Bridge, Christchurch 26/5/2018

When re-constructed in 1905, this was the longest bridge in the UK to use the "Hennebuque" system of ferro-concrete and the first to carry a tramway.

"Mail Rail" Post Office Railway, London 14/5/2018

6 1/2 mile, 2ft gauge driverless underground railway, linking postal sorting offices and main-line stations. 1927-2003

Romney Hythe & Dymchurch Railway 28/10/2017

Opened 1927 as "The smallest public railway in the world" and operated continuously, with original infrastructure and locomotives, ever since.

Taylors Boatyard, Graving Lock & Dock, Chester 12/12/2017

A comprehensive boatyard facility, developed from the 1790s and later home of the Shropshire Union Railways and Canal Company's fleet

Eastchurch Aerodrome, Isle of Sheppey 28/9/2017

Research & development site of the early British aviators. Royal Aero Club's flying ground. Naval Flying School. Short Brothers' factory.

Established 1910

Skerne Bridge, Built 1825, Darlington 27/9/2017

Designed by Ignatius Bonomi for Stockton & Darlington Railway. The oldest railway bridge in the world still in use as such - built 1825

Locomotion, Heighington Station 27/9/2017

Locomotion was hauled here from Newcastle, re-assembled and steamed prior to the opening of the Stockton & Darlington Railway on 27th September 1825

Hawkesbury Canal Junction, Sutton Stop 9/9/2017

"Sutton Stop" 

Junction of Brindley's Coventry and Oxford Canals of the 1760s, modified in the 1830s. Taditional mooring of working narrowboats.

Dundas Wharf & Aqueduct 6/9/2017

An historic wharf at the junction of the Somersetshire Coal and Kennet & Avon Canals, with adjacent aqueduct designed by John Rennie

Southend Pier and Pier Railway 25/8/2017

Opened 1830 as a wooden pier with horse-drawn tramway.  At 2.16 kms, the current iron structure is the longest pleasure pier in the world.

Leighton Buzzard Light Railway 24/8/2017

Britain’s last substantial 2 ft gauge industrial railway opened 20 November 1919 to transport casting sand from Double Arches sand quarries.

Hopetown Carriage Works 7/4/2017

The Stockton & Darlington Railway's Carriage Works of 1853, restored in the 1990s for the construction and repair of steam locomotives

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